Looking for more than just another hotel meeting room?

Check out some of the services we offer at the Grand Marais. We know that when we look good, you look even better. With this in mind, we have custom-built a resort-style getaway with many amenities:

Location, Location, Location:

We are conveniently located for those business trips and friends and family coming in from out of town! No need to rush; traffic is no issue. We are located next to Jennings Airport in Jennings, Louisiana; hotels surround the Grand Marais right off the interstate.

Wireless Internet:

Check out our wireless internet? Don’t worry about leaving your business behind. We have wireless internet for your business and conference needs.

Projectors and Sound System:

Check out our LCD television monitors and sounds systems and our large Banquet Rooms for Your Convention and Meeting Needs:

Banquet Room

You are going to love our banquet room, designed to accommodate 100 people, with 1400 square feet of lavish entertainment, and hosting 2 wall-mounted 52″ televisions for presentations in super-size. The Banquet room is perfect for meetings, corporate functions, and pretty much any organization’s ceremonies with chairs and linen-lined tables.

 Huge Overhead Door :

It raises enough to drive a truck or forklift into the main room.

Speaking Conventions:

We have many options and plans for your speaking and motivation needs. We are brimming with authentic style and hospitality; the awe-inspiring Grand Marais courtyard and pavilion invites you to experience the energy and excitement of our exciting facilities.

 Take advantage of the Grand Marais state-of-the-art facility.

Check out our large meeting rooms available day or evening to host a seminar, workshop, or meeting for rental. We are proud to present our digital billboard for your special advertising needs. We want you to take advantage of our planning assets to deliver the eye-catching and effective presentations in which careers are made. Just another way we take the time to understand your business and processes while keeping your recreational needs in mind. Contact us now to find out more.

 Hosting a meeting and don’t know where to go?

The Grand Marais is an ideal location for meetings, conventions, and events of all sizes. A very technologically sophisticated Pavilion and Courtyard, The Grand Marais boasts over 12,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, including:

LCD televisions


customizable lights

and even a digital billboard for you to use.

This luxurious facility is the pride of Grand Marais. The reception area boasts 1 massive meeting room, featuring high-speed wireless Internet access, phones. The entrance contains 6 -32 inch LCD televisions for digital pictures and presentations, furnished with tables and chairs lavished with linens, enough to seat 700 people! Customize the atmosphere with custom lighting that can be altered to meet your needs. Coupled with an elevated stage that extends to an amazing 24 x 24 ft! You will love the carpeted circular staircase. Bring your laptop and enjoy the wi-fi environment.

Outdoor Event Pavilion

We didn’t forget about outdoor functions; we have a 21,000 sq ft covered pavilion with concrete floors for any outdoor needs. Ball games, company picnics, and even outdoor weddings, with parking for 700 vehicles. Go ahead and bring the R.V. as we have room for 14 of them, with hookups for electricity and water.

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