Is the date available?

Go to the calendar to look and see if there is something listed on that date and if there is, you can see which room is shown as booked.

How much does the room rent for?

Look at the different room sizes we have listed for the base rates

Do you allow us to bring our own food or caterer in?

yes we do

Do you allow alcohol?

yes we do

Do you allow us to bring our own alcohol?

Yes, we do, but there are extra fees for security, bartenders, and insurance.

How many hours of use do we get when renting the building?

All rooms have 4 hours of use included in the base rental rate.  additional hours are allowed for set-up depending on the size of the room

Is there a damage deposit?

yes, and the price varies with the size of the room

Do we have to clean the room after the event?

You have to remove all items that were brought the same day of the event, remove all food trash from the room after the event is finished. The cleaning of the room and floors is included in the rent.

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